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The residents of Oregon and millions of other travelers have enjoyed the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge by motoring along a century old road known as the Columbia River Highway.  This was the inspiration of civic and business leaders in collaboration with some remarkable engineers and skilled builders.  All roads require maintenance and periodic reconstruction, but this road has proven to be especially durable. 


The bridges that were built to span the numerous water courses displayed the leading engineering and construction practices of their day and their longevity is an endorsement of the vision and quality of the work.


Of all the bridges this highway required, I feel that the ones built in Multnomah County—through the waterfall zone—are especially worthy of recognition. I chose to paint them as a way of celebrating their design, their designers and their enduring presence.  They have aged well.  Indeed, time and use, along with the growth of the natural environment around them, have made them more beautiful than ever.

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